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Top Gear is one of the best things BBC has ever produced 

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Remember when a few months back we asked which is your favourite resin colour from Withdoll? ^^

Well, here is the reason: we are doing a small series of giveaways! The prizes are kindly donated by Withdoll. ^^ ♥

Because we will have more than one giveaway, you are allowed to take part in all of them. However, please note that you can only win once, to keep things fair and let others have a chance at winning too.

Here is the first one~
By participating in this giveaway, you can win a Gray skin Ruby head, as pictured above!
Here is her page on the Withdoll website.

Don’t miss this chance if you like Ruby~ Here are the rules for participation:

- Both reblogs and likes count
- You can reblog as many times as you like
- Following our blog would be nice, but not necessary
- The winner will be chosen by a random number generator
- Have your askbox open so that we are able to contact you
- The giveaway ends on the 10th of December and the winner will be announced on the next day, the 11th of December

We are located in Finland. We ship internationally and will cover the cheapest shipping method. If you would like tracking and/or insurance, it will cost extra.

There is also a possibility to get the head painted by Yenna for 30 euros. If you would like a custom face up according to your own wishes, the price will be 40 euros. Please note that a face up will delay the shipping by 2~4 weeks, as Christmas time is busy.

Have fun and good luck!! ^^ ♥

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500 follower miniature give-away!

Hey guys! To thank you for all your support and to celebrate reaching 500 followers, I’ve decided to do another give-away! The prize? A good hunk of cash to support one of my favorite miniature makers ~ 

Da Rulez

  • Reblog once per blog, but likes don’t count;
  • You don’t have to follow me, but all followers automatically have double the chance of winning :D;
  • No give-away blogs! I will check;
  • The give-away ends on November 15th, 12am GMT. The winner will have 48 hours to reply, so have your inbox open :3 If you don’t reply, the prize goes to #2.

Da Prize

  • Blog promotion on untill the next give-away (1000 followers? xD);
  • $25 worth of miniatures from BonAppetEats! You get to select the items and one or two back-ups in case something is sold out. I will pay for these and the shipping to you ~

Good luck to you all! ^o^


A customer was buying cake mix the other day and I thought of this and couldn’t stop laughing.


A customer was buying cake mix the other day and I thought of this and couldn’t stop laughing.

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